Ragusa expresses all its tasty variety: cannoli, granites, almond paste, biancomangiare, arancini and other Sicilian specialties are also found in the iblea culinary tradition. Among the most famous dishes of the kitchen we mention the “scacce”, the “Caciocavallo Dop” and the “provola ragusana”, the “Chocolate of Modica” and the “Teste di turco” of Scicli.

Among the first courses we point out the “ravioli  di ricotta to the sauce”, recommended to taste also the “'mpanate”, the fresh fish, the “cucciddati” and the homemade bread maybe seasoned with a little' “capuliatu”. Let yourself be seduced by sweet flavors: almond nougat, “cubbaita”, “'mpanatigghie” and “macallè”.

In the province of Ragusa also produce an excellent oil, the “Olio Dop Monti Iblei”, fresh vegetables and fruit. So many wines, the most famous is the “Cerasuolo di Vittoria”, the only Sicilian DOCG. There is also the exquisite “Cipolla di Giarratana”, the sweet “Fagiolo cosaruciaru di Scicli” and the “Fava cottoia di Modica”. The cows of the Modica breed and the Ragusa donkeys are also protected. It has never been so simple, fruit of a tree widespread in these areas and used to make cookies, sweets and other sweets.

Below are just a few examples.


Lolli co maccu

fresh pasta in bean broth.


Typical dessert of Carnival made of sweetened balls of soft wheat cooked in the oven with honey and sugar.


Layer of rectangular dough, folded on itself stuffed according to taste and season with eggplant, sauce, spinach, cheese, broccoli, ricotta, sausage.


Classic "summer breakfast" with a brioche. prepared in various flavors, the most traditional are: lemon, almond, chocolate, strawberry.


Dessert consisting of a cylindrical shell of fried dough, stuffed with a mixture of ricotta, sugar and candied fruit to taste.

Biscotti bolliti

The biscuits must be boiled in water for a short time and then left to dry for at least a day. In the end they must be fired.




  • Ciappi di pomodoro
  • Lolli co maccu
  • Ravioli di ricotta con sugo di maiale
  • Messicani
  • Caponata d'inverno
  • Scaccia Ragusana
  • Mpanata
  • Pizzolo di Sortino
  • Scaccione di Monterosso
  • Sfoglio di Ricotta
  • Ragusano D.O.P.
  • Cannolo siciliano
  • Cassata Ragusana
  • Capuliato
  • Viscotta scaurati
  • Mpagnuccata
  • Viscotta ca cannella
  • Granita
  • Giuggiulena
  • Cioccolato di Modica
  • Mpanatigghi



Nougat made with caramelized honey which is usually based on sesame seeds and sometimes also with almonds. Typical Christmas cake.


Soft and crunchy dough is obtained from durum wheat flour, yeast, lard, eggs and sugar. Stuffed with ricotta sifted with cinnamon and honey.


It is prepared using the poor parts of the pig. The meat is boiled and the broth produced covers it like a frost.


The breaded lamb is a kind of focaccia stuffed with lamb, in which the meat is cooked directly inside the dough.


Breaded stuffed biscuits, filled with a mixture of almonds, walnuts, chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, cloves and beef.


Fresh pasta filled with sweet ricotta with cinnamon and served with pork sauce and ragusano dop.